Property Team

The Property Team is responsible for maintaining the building and grounds. The best part of helping with the property is that this team has no monthly meetings to attend!
Here is the way it works:

Maintenance Crew

When there is something that needs to be done an email is sent out to the team members. Anyone who is interested in taking on the needed repair replies to the email and they are given the details of the task.  The person then make the needed repair at their convenience. The types of repairs this team handles include such things as painting, changing light bulbs, fixing leaks etc.

Landscaping Crew

People sign up on a monthly basis.  There is a map of the property so it is easy to know what you are signing up to maintain.  If trees are your specialty, we have opportunities for tree trimming and there is always the grass to be mowed.

Cleaning Crew

People sign up on a monthly basis and agree on the date and time which works for the team to clean the sanctuary, parlor, narthex and restrooms.  Another team cleans the education building and a third team cleans the kitchen and fellowship hall.

If you would like to be on the list to get the email about jobs that need to be done contact Lloyd Tarr at 480-773-8915 or