Secret Sisters in Prayer is a one year gift of praying for another woman in our church.  We draw  a name once a year.  You commit to pray for the sister whose name you draw and someone will draw your name and pray for you.  It is first and foremost an offering of prayers to God for another.  Some women remember their Secret Sister on holidays or their birthday with a card or a gift.  There is a Secret Sister table in the narthex where we place our gifts/cards or you can anonymously mail them.  We do have winter visitors participate as well.  Prayer can cover across the miles.

We will hold the annual unveiling of the 2016 Secret Sisters and have the opportunity for ALL  women to choose a new person to pray for this year.  This meeting will be in the at 9:00 am in the Easter Room on Sunday, April 2md following the 8:00 am Worship Service.

If you are unable to attend please call the Church office (470-837-9532) and they make sure you are included.

The 2017 Secret Sister names will be drawn also, so it is important four everyone who will be participating to come the this event.  It is a good time to match a face with a name.

Secret Sisters in Prayer is a powerful opportunity to bring us close to God and each other as we bear one another's burdens and share each other's joys.