Cursillo (ker-see-o) is a three day learning, sharing, inspirational experience of living in a Christian Community.  Cursillo, in Spanish, means “short course. A Cursillo weekend enables you, through inspiring talks, daily chapel and prayer to learn what Christian friendship is all about.


Catholic priests and laymen in Majorca, Spain determined that the church needed renewal and formulated this “method” or “short course” to bring the fundamental teachings of Jesus to peopleThe first Cursillo in Arizona was in Phoenix in 1959; the first Lutheran Cursillo was in Phoenix in March 1982.


It is intended to be an instrument of renewal; it provides a form of perseverance in Christian life; one objective is to change our world which is predominantly non-Christian.
Cursillo is a method of Christianizing one’s environment and developing one’s spirituality.  It provides a means for continuing Christian growth which is begun with our Baptism.

Other related weekends are Tirosh for students age 15 to 20; and 2-day My Father’s House for students age 12 to 15; and Chayah, the prison ministry for students at Adobe Mountain.  Check website below for further information.

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