Calling All Fountain Hills!

Unleash Your Creativity in a Divine Masterpiece!

Get Ready to Infuse Your Spirit into Something Truly Remarkable

We’re thrilled to announce the Advent Mural Painting Project, and we’re inviting ALL groups, from clubs and school groups to church groups and choirs, to join us in bringing a touch of the divine to Fountain Hills.

Starting August 27, we’re embarking on a sacred journey to create a breathtaking 15 x 8 foot Advent mural, radiating spiritual joy and serenity. Can you imagine our diverse community groups coming together, one brushstroke at a time, to craft a mural that will inspire and uplift for years to come.

No Picasso Skills Required!

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or your last masterpiece was a stick figure family portrait, we want YOU! This is a celebration of community, creativity, and collaboration. So, gather your friends, family, and fellow art enthusiasts – let’s turn this blank canvas into a festive wonderland.

What Awaits You?

  • Immerse yourselves in a sacred painting experience.
  • Connect deeply as a group in a creative setting.
  • Cultivate your inner artist and absorb new spiritual insights.
  • Leave your group’s mark on a mural that resonates with divine energy.

Perfect for Families to Bond!

Looking for a fantastic family bonding experience?

This mural project is the answer! As families paint side by side, they’ll be creating lasting memories infused with spiritual significance.

Unveiling a Spiritual Masterpiece!

Let’s come together as a spiritual community, weaving our souls into every brushstroke. Be part of the unveiling on December 3, as we share our heartfelt creation with the world. This mural isn’t just paint on canvas – it’s a collective prayer, a celebration of faith, and an offering of love.

Reserve your group’s painting slot today – let’s make this mural a sanctuary of spiritual connection, group bonding, and inspiration.

How Can You Join the Spiritual Mural Journey?

  1. Painting begins August 27, 2023 and ends November 15, 2023.
  2. Reserve your 45-minute painting slot by reaching out to Amanda at 480-837-9532 or emailing
  3. All brushes and painting supplies provided at no charge.
  4. Circle December 3 on your calendar – the grand unveiling day!
  5. Bring your spiritual energy, an open heart, and your artistic spark.
  6. Your presence, reverence, and a touch of divine inspiration.

Featured in the Fountain Hills Times Independent